Upper secondary school

GCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a two-year program leading to the passing of external, marked, and certified exams from the University of Cambridge. This is a unique UK government-approved program and the world's most popular international qualification for children aged 14-16, offered in thousands of schools around the world. It is recognized by leading universities and employers around the world and is the international foundation for progress and success. Designed over 25 years ago, it has been tried, tested, and trusted by schools around the world.


They are a sign of quality and evidence of real ability.

Main Subjects

The core subjects in Secondary school are English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Other subjects include ICT, Music, Art and Design, Physical Education, and Turkish.

Main examinations

Due to the high standards applied at the Spectrum International School, your child will receive a high-quality level of preparation for the IGCSE exams. Highly qualified teachers will always provide complete information on specialized subjects, as well as answer any student's question, thereby reducing the psychological burden on the child.


As a first step, parents can visit the Spectrum International School campus. This can be done by filling out the  form below. Parents who are unable to complete the campus visit form can call the admissions office and make an appointment by phone.


Either while visiting the campus, or later, prospective students take an assessment; the type of assessment depends on the age.

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